Cash withdrawal

Withdraw cash from your activ account in all Kazpochta outlets across Kazakhstan. Easy, fast and secure!

  1. Contact your nearest Kazpochta outlet.
  2. Show your ID and provide the mobile number you want to withdraw money from.
  3. Tell the operator the amount you want to withdraw and confirmation code from the text message you will receive.
  4. Get the money.

Minimum withdrawal amount – 1 000 tenge

Maximum amount you can withdraw in a single transaction – 100 000 tenge

The total amount you can withdraw per month is 1 202 500 tenge per number/IIN – 265 100 tenge.

Transaction fee is 2.5% of withdrawal amount, minimum transaction fee – 150 tenge.

Withdraw cash from your cell phone account at HalykBank ATMs.

  1. Go to to initiate cash withdrawal:
    1. Fill in the phone number from which you want to withdraw money, and enter the amount you want to withdraw
    2. Confirm transaction using the confirmation code from mobimoney
    3. A 10-digit code divided into two parts (you will receive two SMS) will be sent to your phone number.
  2. Get the money at HALYKBANK ATM:
    1. Select ‘Cash by code"
    2. Enter the 10-digit code
    3. * code is valid for 24 hours

Commission – 3.9%;

Minimum withdrawal amount – 2 000 tenge

Maximum withdrawal amount per day – 30 000 tenge

HalykBank ATM locations

Transfer funds from your activ cell phone account to the bank cards issued by second-tier banks – it’s easy, fast and safe!

  1. At select Receive Money section
  2. Go to Transfer to Card
  3. Enter the phone number from which you want to transfer funds and amount of transfer
  4. Enter the cards number to which funds are to be transferred
  5. Confirm transaction using the one-time code which you will be sent to your phone from mobimoney.

Additional information:

  • Minimum transfer amount – 1 000 tenge
  • Minimum transfer amount per transaction – 100 MCI
  • Daily limit – 100 MCI
  • Transaction fee – 3.9% (minimum 200 tenge)