activ marathon continues!

On August 1, 2020, the Grab Your Cashback marathon will start in Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan.


The activ customers in Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan will get a 50% cashback on their public transport tickets when they pay with their cell phone airtime.


To get the 50% cashback:

  1. Send an SMS with a transport code or number plate (without KZ) to 2505; or
  2. Scan the QR code via My activ app
  3. Get your e-ticket via SMS


and it will be credited to your mobile account.


Payment with activ balance is not just a cashback. It’s an opportunity to make a payment quickly and contactlessly. Besides, it is cheaper and more convenient: no need to carry a transport card or take coins out of your purse.

Cashback is only provided for 4 rides per day per customer.

  1. The ‘Grab Your Cashback’ promotion (Promotion) runs from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020.
  2. TerritoryPetropavlovsk and Taldykorgan cities, Kazakhstan (Operator's network coverage area).
  3. Promotion participants are the activ and Kcell subscribers who are the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, or foreign citizens having a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose mobile numbers are registered to them as physical persons.
  4. Any subscriber will be recognized as a Participant of the Promotion, if he/she meets all of the criteria listed below:
  • During the Promotion, Participant pay for public transport in Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan cities using his cell phone airtime by sending a short text message to 2505 or scanning a QR code that can be found inside the vehicle, via the My activ application (hereinafter - Payment) and gets a message confirming successful payment.
  • This Payment method is available on city routes:

- by sending an SMS with a transport code (on sticker inside the public transport) or number plate (without indicating the KZ abbreviation, in the absence of stickers with transport code) to 2505.

- by scanning the QR code on a sticker inside the public transport via My activ app (excluding the suburban routes).

After that, the subscriber gets an SMS containing an electronic ticket. The fare cost is deducted from the Participant’s cell phone balance.

  • The fare varies by city. At the time of Payment, Participant must make sure he/she has sufficient balance to cover the fee.
  • This payment method is available to prepaid retail customers. Sending SMS to 2505 is free. The citizens enjoying the right of free use of the public transport do not participate in the Promotion.
  • The Participant’s mobile number must be in ‘active’ status.
  • The ticket is valid for one trip only. To purchase a new ticket, the Participant must send an SMS with a transport code to number 2505 again and add «+» before the code (for example: +ХХХХХ, where ХХХХХ – is a transport code) or scan the QR code.
  • Once the Payment has been accepted, the Participant will have a 50% cashback credited to his/her mobile balance.
  • Cashback is provided for 4 trips per day per mobile number from which the Payment was made. Cashback is not credited for the 5tg and subsequent trips during the day.
  • Cashback is credited to the subscriber’s mobile balance at the expense of the Operator.
  • Cashback is credited within 3 (three) business days from the date of Payment.
  1. Subscribers referred to in par. 4 hereof who made payment prior to the Promotion commencement will not be included in the list of Participants.
  2. During the Promotion period, Operator has the right to send SMS messages to its subscribers with information about the Promotion.
  3. By performing the actions specified in these Rules, Participants confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion.
  4. Operator has the right to refuse to provide a cashback in case the Participant fails to fulfill the conditions provided for herein or fails to meet the requirements specified herein.
  5. The prize pool of the Promotion is formed at the expense of the Operator.
  6. All information about the Promotion can be found on,
  7. Operator reserves the right to review the terms of this Promotion by posting relevant information on, Changes will take effect on the date of publication.
  8. Operator is not responsible for:
    • Untimely fulfillment / non-fulfillment by the Participants of the Promotion conditions provided for in these Rules;
    • A failure to receive cashback by the Participants for any reason due to the fault of the Participant.


Additional conditions:

  1. Operator has the right to change unilaterally these Rules for any reason that does not contradict the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, subject to giving notice to the Participants on the day of their change by posting the amended Rules, including additional information regarding this Promotion, on, websites.
  2. Operator bears no responsibility in connection with any disputes regarding ownership, possession or use of subscriber devices and subscriber numbers, as well as their registration. Any person who claims to be the owner of the mobile number that was used to participate in the Promotion will be considered its current owner (mobile number is registered with his/her IIN), provided that other supporting documents have been furnished to the Operator and/or the Operator's regional subdivision.
  3. In case the Participant claims a cashback in accordance with these Rules, Operator will provide a response in accordance with the requirements of the Public Agreement and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  4. Operator is not responsible for technical and technological errors that may occur in cellular networks or equipment of the Operator.
  5. All disputes related to the Promotion should be resolved through negotiations. Failing which, such dispute should be considered in the relevant court of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the current legislation.
  6. In case of third parties’ claims brought against the Operator in connection with the Participant’s violation of third parties rights during the Promotion, Participant takes responsibility for independent resolution of such disputes at own expense.
  7. These Rules of the Promotion will be published by the Operator on,
  8. If you have any questions concerning the Promotion, contact the Operator’s Call center: 3030 for activ subscribers and 9090 for Kcell subscribers.


By participating in the promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.