The kit of 4 starter packs

аctiv presents a new starter pack with a subscriber number, composing the kit of 4 starter packs. This kit provides a convenient opportunity to talk 24 hours a day at 0 tenge to 3 other numbers of the kit.

Each starter pack provides for two ways of activation:


1. When the starter pack is activated in the kit through the USSD command *116#, a subscriber gets the additional service ‘unlim calls” to 3 other activated numbers of the kit.

2. A subscription fee for the additional service ‘unlim calls’ to these numbers will be charged from each number of the kit that activated this service and amounts to 10 ₸ per day.

3. The group of subscriber numbers of this kit may not include any other numbers.

4. The service can be deactivated in service points of Kcell JSC.

To activate each starter pack of the kit without the additional service ‘unlim calls” to each of 3 other numbers of the kit it will be required to dial the USSD command *110#.