Auto Extra MB

The Auto Extra MB service lets you have a data advance automatically activated on your account whenever you hit the 100MB threshold on your mobile data quota.

For more detail, dial *912*4*6#

To choose the type of advance, dial

*912*4*1# - 5GB – 1999 tenge

*912*4*2# - 2GB – 999 tenge

*912*4*3# - 1GB – 699 tenge

*912*4*4# - 500MB – 499 tenge

To unsubscribe, dial *912*5#

By activating the Auto Extra MB service, you expressly agree that the service fee will be deducted from your future top-ups or automatically on the 6th day after you get the advance, even if the data advance has not been used in full.

You can activate the service, provided:

    • your number was activated at least 30 days ago*;
    • your number is in ‘Active’ status

Compatibility with other services

The Auto Extra Balance service is temporarily unavailable on the Reactiv tariffs.

If you activate Auto Extra MBs along with other data services, the data expiring soonest will be used first.

During 5 days from Auto Extra MBs activation you can use the Extra Balance or Auto Extra Balance service once only (until one of these services gets blocked).

You can use the balance received via Mobile Aid, Extra Balance or Auto Extra Balance service to pay your Extra MBs charges.

Service cannot be activated while you are roaming.

* Activation date is the date of its first activation, regardless of subsequent transfer of ownership.

Service fee will be deducted from your next top-up or automatically on the 6th day after you get the advance. You will receive a SMS confirming that the service fee has been paid and debt cleared. 

Validity period: the data advance is valid for 5 days from application and can be used for browsing the web without limitations. Upon the expiration of the 5-day term, any unused data advance will be lost.   

Should you fail to pay the service fee within the next 5 days from application, mobile services (except for incoming calls and calls to emergency services) will be suspended until the debt is fully repaid.