SMS Flirt

SMS Flirt – a completely anonymous communication via short messages without defining your telephone number. Communication takes place using only a fictitious name (NICK). Romantic meetings and pleasant surprises in your mobile phone.

  • Step one: Send to number 505 a message START and get further instructions.
  • Second step: Follow the instruction, offered by SMS Flirt: enter your NICK (a name by which you would like to be called), sex, age.
  • Third step: The SMS Flirt system, having processed your data, will send you the most suitable candidate of the conversation partner.
  • Fourth step: Now you may start talking with your conversation partner, using the SMS Flirt.

You decided to leave on the whole our club SMS Flirt? Then start typing EXIT and send it to number 505.

Commands (to number 505) H S STOP L C Z G O EXIT
Description Help Search Search stop List of acquaintances Changes in own details (NICK, date of birth) Codes of the Zodiac signs Codes of cities Exit from the active mode (off-line) Leave the club
  • Outgoing SMS to number 505 – 0 KZT
  • Incoming SMS from number 505 – 0 KZT
  • Daily subscription fee of 50 tenge after subscribing to the service. On a daily basis a subscriber will be sent an SMS-message with information about the service from the SMS-number 5061.