Additional packs

Not enough Internet traffic? Additional packs will save!

Type of pack

Activation cost,
tenge, incl. of VAT

for activation

1 GB



2 GB



For correct operation of the Internet traffic accrued, it is recommended to interrupt the current Internet session for 1-2 seconds: turn off mobile data or select «flight mode» and then resume using the Internet: turn on mobile data / turn off «flight mode».

Available for the subscribers with the tariffs:

Comfort +, Comfort, Conversation+, Conversation, Week+, Week, Active+, Active, Hallo, Kazakhstan, Hit+, All for All Start, Maximum, All in One L.

Additional pack 2GB for 650tg is available for Jańa, Super Comfort, Let’s Talk, Kuanysh, Bilim tariffs’ subscribers.

Conditions of additional data pack:

  1. The pack is available for activation only after the tariff fee is collected.
  2. If the data allowance of additional pack is used up, the cost of megabyte will be according to your tariff and/or activated additional internet services.
  3. The validity of packs — 30 days following the activation (until 23:59 of the 30th day, Nur-Sultan time, including the day of activation).
  4. Any number of packs can be activated simultaneously. The data allowance with the shortest validity period is used up first.
  5. The activation cost is written-off in full upon activation of additional pack. If the balance is not sufficient to activate the additional pack, the pack will not be activated.
  6. The accrued and unused data allowance of the pack will be cancelled:
    • if the pack validity expired;
    • if the telecom services contract is terminated.

When changing the tariff, all unused data allowance of additional pack is active till the end of its validity. The activation of new additional packs is not available after changing the tariff to another not mentioned above tariff.

Compatibility conditions

The following services can be activated simultaneously with additional packs:

  • «Annual Internet+»
  • «Online»
  • «Mobile Internet Plus»
  • «Internet +»
  • «Bonus Internet»

When the data allowance of additional pack and/or one of the above services is used up, the mobile data allowance will be charged according to the compatibility conditions of additional Internet services with the current tariff.

According to the compatibility conditions, the data allowance with the shortest validity period is used up first. This condition is also relevant when you switch from one tariff with the data allowance volume to another tariff, which also includes megabytes of data allowance.

The compatibility conditions can be changed or supplemented by the Operator unilaterally.

While you are engaged in the initial data session on 2G/3G network or when your mobile device registers on a 4G network, a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved from your data allowance. If you run out of data allowance — a certain amount of money will be charged to your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click here.