Always available

With "Always Available" service you will never miss a call. When your phone is turned off or you are out of the coverage area, your callers can leave voice messages for you. Whenever you get a voice message we will send you a SMS notification containing caller’s number, call date and time. If the caller leaves no voice message, you will be sent a Missed Call Notification via SMS.

Starting from 4 October 2015, if you fail to answer a call, any activ/Kcell customer can leave you a voice message. Whenever you get a voice message we will send you a SMS notification containing caller’s number, call date and time.

Maximum duration of an incoming voice message – 30 seconds.

Your Voice Mailbox can store up to 10 messages at any given time.

Voicemail messages are stored for 3 days, after that they are automatically deleted.

This service is available by default provided that Call Forwarding "if switched off or out of coverage area" is not enabled. If it is, the service will become available immediately after you cancel Call Forwarding.

Service is free for the called party.

Playing voice messages – 0 tenge* (to play, call 2002 or +7 701 200 2000).*

Recording a voice message is charged at standard rates for the caller's plan.**

The "Always available" service is not available to roamers whose phone is switched off or cannot be reached and who have call forwarding on no response. However, you can listen to the previous messages by calling +7 701 200 2000.

* Roamers will be charged as per the rates applied by roaming operator to listen to the voice message.

** Caller may choose to leave a voice message for a Kcell/activ customer after listening to the notification message. If the caller does not hang up, he/she can leave a voice message after the tone; in this case the caller will be charged as per his/her price plan. If the caller hangs up before he/she hears the tone, the call will not be charged.

If call is made from other networks, the caller will be charged by his/her provider at standard rates starting from the moment a connection to the service is set up.

Service can be activated:

  • Via SMS – by sending a non-blank text message to 162.
  • Via USSD – by calling *162*1#.

Service can be turned off:

  • Via USSD – by calling *162#.
  • At Kcell Centers – by applying in writing for service deactivation.

Within the scope of this service, the "I Am Available" service is also available to you. Turn on this service and callers who failed to reach you will be notified via SMS when you are available and can receive calls.

Service commands:


  • Dial *202*1# or text Старт or Start to 202;


  • Dial *202*2# or text Стоп or Stop to 202;


  • Dial *202*3# or text Инфо or Info to 202.