Call forwarding

You may forward the received calls from your telephone:

Setting of forwarding calls with the help of short commands:

  • 21 - "Unconditional" – forwarding of all received calls (at the same time all other types of forwarding becomes invalid);
  • 61 - "No response" – forwarding of a call, when you are not taking the call;
  • 62 - "Beyond the service area" – forwarding of the call when you are beyond the service area or your telephone is off;
  • 67 — «busy» — forwarding calls while you are talking on your phone.

It is possible to set calls forwarding at a mobile phone by direct dialing of the code and appropriate command:

  • Please press **;
  • insert the appropriate call forwarding code and press *;
  • insert the telephone number to which you would like to forward your calls;
  • press # and the key "forward the call".

For example: to set forwarding "beyond the service area" to number +7701ХХХХХХХ please dial: *62*+7701ХХХХХХХ#. To set forwarding to a city number +77272ХХХХХХ please dial: **62*+77272ХХХХХХ#.

To check the status of calls forwarding:

  • press *, then #;
  • insert that code of calls forwarding, which you want to check;
  • press # and "forward the call".

For example, to check the current status of "beyond the service area" please press: *#62#.

To cancel forwarding of calls:

  • press #; insert the call forwarding code, which you want to cancel;
  • press # and "forward the call".

For example, to cancel the function on the above mentioned number, please press: #62#.

To cancel all calls forwarding:

  • press #;
  • insert 002, and #"forward the call".

For example: #002#.

DEF code examples - 701, 702, 775, 778.

Activation/deactivation – 0 tenge. Subscriber fee – 0 tenge.

At setting by a subscriber of the function of voice calls forwarding from own number Kcell/Activ to all KZ networks, in the coverage area of the Operator, billing of a call will be as follows:

  • The receiving call subscriber shall be charged as for the outgoing call made to a number of a subscriber, who set the call forwarding function, according to his/her tariff plan.
  • A subscriber who installed the service of forwarding, this call will be charged at the cost of an outgoing call from the number, where a forwarding function has been set, to the number, where a forwarding function has been set, according to his/her current tariff plan.
  • The subscriber receiving a call to the number, where a forwarding function has been set, this connection will be treated as an incoming call, and will not be charged.
  • The forwarding service is also available when roaming. This being the case, billing of calls will be carried out as for incoming calls and for outgoing calls under the rules of billing in roaming in accordance with the tariff rates of the roaming partner.