Call Me

The Call Me service allows the subscriber who has run out of balance to send a free of charge message to the desired Kcell or Activ subscriber requesting to be called by a second party.

To send a «call me» request, dial *130*desired subscribers number#OK on your phone

The number can be entered in next format: *130*87XXYYYZZZZ# or *130*77XXYYYZZZZ#

The desired subscriber will be sent a SMS containing your callback request.

To avoid spam, the number of call me requests is limited to 5 requests per day and to 30 requests per calendar month.

The desired subscriber will receive a SMS sent on your behalf saying «Subscriber ХХХХХХХХХХХ wants you to call him/her back».

After you dial *130*desired subscribers number#, you will receive a USSD message confirming that your request has been sent out: «You request has been accepted».

The Call Me service is provided free of charge.