Collect Call service

If you run out of balance and you need to make an urgent call, use our Collect Call service. With this service, your call will be paid by the called party at the 15 tenge per minute rate, irrespective of the price plan he/she is on. Service is available to activ, Kcell subscribers.

1. Dial 000 before the called party’s number, like in:

  • 00077ХХХХХХХХХ
  • 00087ХХХХХХХХХ

Say your name so that the called party is able to identify you. If the called party agrees to accept and pay for your call, connection will be set up.

2. Use any of the dialing patterns below:

  • *133*77XXXXXXXXX#
  • *133*87ХХХХХХХХХ#

In this case you will receive a callback from +000 number. Please, answer and follow the voice prompts.

When you receive a collect call, please listen to the notification message, then press 1 — if you agree to be charged for it, or 2 — if you don’t. From the notification message you will find out the caller’s name (if it was provided).

If you do not wish to receive collect calls from some of your contacts or want to receive them from your friends only, you can create Black List or White List.

If the contact’s number is on your Black List, you will stop receiving collect calls from him/her. To add a number to your Black List, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 11(space)77XXXXXXXXX or 11(space)87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 11 8701xxxxxxx). To remove a number from your Black List, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 12(space)77XXXXXXXXX or 12(space)87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 12 8701xxxxxxx). To view blacklisted numbers, text 13 to 6010.

If the contact’s number is on your WhiteList, you will receive collect calls from this contact only. To add a number to your WhiteList, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 21(space)77XXXXXXXXX or 21(space)87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 21 8701xxxxxxx). To remove a number from your WhiteList, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 22(space)77XXXXXXXXX or 22(space)87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 8701xxxxxxx). To view whitelisted numbers, text 23 to 6010.

You can use any one list (White or Black) at a time. If your White List is active and it is empty, you will not receive collect calls. In order to start receiving collect calls, you need to activate your Black list and empty it if necessary.

To activate the Black or White List, send a SMS to 6010, containing:

«1» — to activate Black List;

«2» — to activate White List.

If you add a number, which is already on your White or Black List, to your Friends List, you will be receiving collect calls from such contact without notification.

Special option «Friends»*

The service has also a special option — ‘Friends’ — which allows you to create the list of contacts from which you would like to receive collect calls without notification:

To add a number, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 31(space)77XXXXXXXXX or 31(space)87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 31 8701xxxxxxx);

To remove a number, send a SMS to 6010 containing: 32 77XXXXXXXXX or 32 87XXXXXXXXX (e.g. 32 8701xxxxxxx);

To view numbers on your List, text 33 to 6010.

The fixed price per minute of communication within the group «Friends» changes

When the call is made within the scope of the service, if the number of the caller is on the list «Friends» of the called party, the price per minute of communication will be fixed in the amount of 7 tenge inclusive of VAT instead of the old price of 15 tenge.

The Friends option can be used with active Black or White list. Numbers added through this option prevail and have priority over those on Black and White lists.

Calling party Free
Called party 15 tg/min (billed in per-second increments)*
Managing Lists Free

* Charges include VAT.

The called party will be charged for the accepted collect call, even if he/she uses a service which comes with voice allowance.

Service is valid for on-net connections only between activ, Kcell subscribers. If the caller is making a collect call with other mobile networks, the called party will receive a missed call notification.

Service will be temporarily suspended for those whose collect call requests were rejected 10 times during one hour or 30 times during one day.

Service is not available to roamers.

Service is available with both positive and negative balance, except when numbers is blocked.

Payment is deducted from the main account of the called subscriber, i.e. bonus voice minutes (bonus minutes, promo offers, service packages) are not valid.