Dear subscribers! Conference service is temporary unavailable due to technical reasons.

The subject service gives an opportunity to make a conference call to more than one person at the same time. A maximum number of conference participants is 6 persons.

In order to apply the conference service you need to dial a number of the first participant, and upon successful interconnection, choose call waiting option in your handset, then choose "make a new call" and call the second participant and as soon as the latter answers the call, choose the "conference" option in menu of your handset; please repeat the operation depending on the final number of conference participants.

Service is available on following tariff plans: Hello, Kazakhstan¹, Hello, Kazakhstan², Hello, Kazakhstan³, All For all Start, All for all, All in one S, All in one M, First Eastern, Kostanayskiy, Kostanayskiy +, Uralskiy, Uralskiy +, Petropavlovskiy, Petropavlovskiy +, Kyzylordinskiy +, Priirtyshye, Call, Perviy Kokshetauskiy, Maximum, Special, HIT, Activ-7, Call-2, Agaiyn, Elim-ai, Good All Around, Pervy Vostochny +, Priirtyshye-2, Bereke, Shanyrak, Tiyimdi, Beineu, 11, Basic.

Payment shall be made by call-initiating party in accordance with the subscribed tariff plan for each connected participant of the conference.