Share Your Mobile Data

The Share Your Mobile Data service allows you to share your mobile data with someone else.

Simply, dial *454#, select the amount of mobile data you wish to transfer and enter the recipient’s phone number.

Mobile data can be shared between the activ customers only. You cannot transfer mobile data to your own phone number.

Check out the table below to see how much it will cost you to share mobile data (promotional offer – customers who purchased their phones on a contract will be able to share their mobile data free of charge through to 30.06.2020):

Mobile data

Transfer fee, tenge (incl. VAT)















There is no limit on the number of mobile data sharing requests.

Validity of shared mobile data – 15 days from receipt. If the recipient has other mobile data on his account, data expiring the soonest will be used first.

Mobile data you can share: data allotment included in your plan (if data allotment includes the daytime and nighttime data, you can share the daytime allotment only), data from your Contract Phone airtime & data allowance, as well as data add-ons.

There is no mobile data transfer on tariffs with unlimited data allowance («Real Unlim», «Technics», etc.); under the following services: One Year Internet, Half Year Internet, Quarterly Internet, One Year Internet+, Unlimited Internet; welcome-bonus provided as part of the Internet+ service; on tariffs that come with the nighttime data allowance; as well as any other bonus/award/emergency data allowance, etc.