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Switch to Jana 3990 and get unlimited access to online doctor consultations with the mobi Doctor service

The mobi Doctor service is provided in partnership with IMEDICUS LLP
Right here, right now

The mobi Doctor physicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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not the internet

Qualified doctors of leading clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg will be there to help you. Average doctor rating - 4.9 out of 5

Without borders

Service is available from anywhere in the world, where there is an Internet connection

and secure

Ask any question, don’t be shy. All your medical data will be safe and secure.

You can share any health issues or concerns:

Where to begin?

Switch to the Jańa 3990 plan


You need to sign up on the mobi Doctor app or online at

The Doctor package gets you unlimited online consultations with a mobi Doctor physician at no extra cost and without using your mobile data

Take care of your loved ones by activating extended package Doctor +

Unlimited online consultations with pediatricians or general practitioners at your choice

Get advise on medication, including drugs analogue and interaction

Lab test explanations and recommendations

Need a second opinion?

As part of the “Doctor +” package, obtaining a second opinion from a doctor after a diagnosis has been established (by appointment, 3 consultations per year)

Cost of Doctor+ package

699 ₸/месяц 699 ₸/month

To activate Jańa 3990:

*595*1# *595*1#

To deactivate:







+7 775 556 4954