Meet eSIM — embedded SIM!

    eSIM (embedded SIM) features:

  • larger memory than a regular SIM card;
  • multiple numbers on one device (can be from different network providers);
  • ability to activate only one of the eSIMs and nano-SIM;
  • no need to use a physical SIM card module.

    Devices that support eSIM:

  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro;
  • Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 4;
  • Samsung Watch Tizen;
  • Huawei Watch 2 Pro*.

      Soon on Huawei Phone Android!

On some Apple devices (e.g. purchased outside of Kazakhstan), replacement of regular SIM to eSIM was unsuccessful on Kcell\activ network.

    Where to obtain eSIM?

      At Kcell offices (due to limited stock).

      In future, replacement / adding eSIM will be available through our self-service systems.

Almaty 51, Alimzhanov street
Mega-2, 1 floor, Kcell/activ store
58, Gogol street, Kcell/activ store
18, R. Zorge street, 1 floor, MART
APORT MALL, 17, Tashkentsky Trakt
Bldg. 100, Samal-2
Nur-Sultan 8, Respublika Ave.
1, Almaty street, Assyltau Business Center
KeruenСity, 1 floor, Kcell/activ store
37. Turan Ave., Khan-Shatyr, Kcell/activ store
Atyrau 13B, Kurmangazy street
4, Gurievskaya street
Aktau Mkr. 11, Atrium (opposite the Central Mosque)


  • as yet, QR code can only be obtained on plastic media in some of our customer service offices;
  • free eSIMs are only available during the pilot launch. After the commercial launch, a certain fee (which differs from what we charge for SIM replacement today) will apply.

    How to replace a regular SIM with eSIM and add number:

  • make sure your device supports eSIM;
  • get a unique QR code from Kcell;
  • make sure you are connected to the Internet (Wi-FI is preferable);
  • in your phone settings, select: Settings - Cellular communication - Add a mobile tariff;
  • scan the QR code.

    You can assign a number for making calls.

iPhone: Settings — Cellular — Default number


    Before making a call, you can change the number from which you want to make it by clicking on the caller icon and selecting one of the available numbers


    You can assign a number you will use to access the Internet: Settings — Cellular — Mobile Data.


You will see an additional signal strength bar.



iPhone: in Settings – Cellular you will see the numbers added in your phone.


Procedure for registration of the eSIM to your phone. To register a device, send the following info in response to the message from 6006: if you are a KZ citizen – your IIN (only 12 digits), if you are not a KZ citizen – your passport details and your full name (separated by a space: e.g. Passport#_last name_first name_middle name). To find out the IMEI code, dial *#06# on the device that uses the eSIM.