Extra Balance

If you unable to top up your balance, you may get 250, 350, 500, 750 or 1000 tenge, depending on number activation period, with “Extra Balance” service from activ! From now on you, the debt of Extra balance and Auto Extra balance services can be paid through the Mobile help service.

The main menu of the service can be found by calling to *911*1#.

To get Extra balance under the service call to *911*1*3#.

If You entered this page via activ mobile internet, then click here and find out the amounts of Extra balance available for You

Extra Balance is a service that allows customers to borrow a certain amount of airtime now and pay later.

Extra Balance is virtual airtime that is temporarily credited to your account without receiving an actual payment (airtime advance). Extra Balance is equivalent to the cost of airtime which you can use you during its validity period (5 days). In your balance info, you will see the remaining airtime from your plan (if any) and airtime advance. In case of termination of the mobile service contract, the cost of airtime advance must be fully repaid.

By activating the Extra Balance service, you give your consent that the cost of the airtime advance and service charge will be deducted from your next top-up or automatically on the 6th day after you get the advance, even if the airtime advance has not been used in full.

You can activate the service, provided:

  • your number was activated at least 30 days ago;
  • your current balance is equal to or exceeds 0 tenge;
  • you have no outstanding charges for Extra MBs service;
  • you have topped up your phone at least once over the past 30 days;
  • you have no outstanding charges for Extra Balance or Auto Extra Balance service;

I you are using Extra Balance or Auto Extra Balance, you will not be able to use the Mobile Aid service to transfer balance to someone else until your debt for Extra Balance or Auto Extra Balance has been fully repaid.

During 5 days from activation of Extra Balance you can use the Extra MBs service once only (until one of these services gets blocked).

You can use balance received from Mobile Aid to pay your Extra Balance charges.

Service is not available with contract phone deals.

Service cannot be activated while you are roaming.

Mobile number activation period1 3+ months 9+ months2 12+ months2 24+ months2
(Category 1) (Category 2) (Category 3) (Category 4)
Available amount(s) of Service, tenge incl. VAT 250 250 350 250 350 500 250 350 500 750 1000
Cost per request, tenge incl. VAT 25 25 35 25 35 50 25 35 50 75 100

1 The activation date is the date of the initial activation of mobile number, regardless of any subsequent renewal of activated number.

2 Specified amounts of the service are available for this category of subscribers according to Table 1. Subscriber chooses the required amount by the appropriate USSD-command.

Service charge will be deducted from your next top-up or automatically on the 6th day after you get the advance. You will receive a SMS confirming that the service charge has been paid and debt cleared.

Validity period: airtime advance is valid for 5 days from application and can be used for any services available to the activ customers without limitations. Upon the expiration of the 5-day term, any unused data advance will be lost.

Should you fail to pay the service charge within the next 5 days from application, mobile services (except for incoming calls and calls to emergency services) will be suspended until the debt is fully repaid.