Flash SMS

The Flash SMS is a service whereby your text messages along with the sender’s phone number and name* pop up on the recipient’s mobile phone screen. Flash SMS can be sent both domestically and internationally.


To send a Flash SMS, enter the #-sign at the beginning of your message.

For example, #Hi! Have a nice day!

Flash SMS should be of standard length: 160 characters (Latin) and 70 characters (Cyrillic), including spaces. In some phone models, messages that are longer than standard SMS will be divided into several parts with the second and other parts of such message delivered and charged as separate text messages;

The Flash SMS service is available to all Subscribers without activation;

You can use Flash SMS while roaming as well. Your text messages will be charged at standard SMS rates for roamers.

Charge per Flash SMS sent to activ, Kcell customers is 7 tenge and 12,33 tenge if sent to other networks in Kazakhstan.

Some phones, including but not limited to the iOS-based smartphones, do not store Flash SMS on the SMS inbox. On the iOS-based smartphones, Flash SMS appear without the sender’s name or phone number.