Happy Bonuses

Happy Bonuses

«Happy Bonuses» is a promotional service that allows customers to enjoy daily packs of 30SMS, 30MB, 30SMS+30MB, 30SMS+30MB+30MIN or 24 Hours, and take a free mini-Quiz* with daily prizes.

Monthly prize - 300 000 tenge! Promotion period: December 1, 2019 – December 30, 2019.


Daily prize: 20 000 tenge, the draw takes place on a daily basis, except for the days when Monthly, Quarterly and Main draws take place.

Monthly prize of 300 000 tenge will be awarded on the last day of each month during the promotion, except for the days when Quarterly and Main draws take place. There are also monthly consolation prizes: 2 prizes of 10 000 tenge each and 7 prizes of 5 000 tenge each.

How to win a prize?

  1. Subscribe to the Service by calling:
  • *808*1# (for 30SMS+30MB pack);
  • *808*2# (for 30SMS pack);
  • *808*3# (for 30SMS+30MB+30MIN pack);
  • *808*4# (for 24Hour pack);
  • *808*5# (for30MB pack).
  1. Each participant who has subscribed to the Service and meets the requirements for participation in the Happy Bonuses promotion can take the Quiz and try their chance to win a daily prize, except for the days when Monthly, Quarterly and Main prize draws take place. To that end, customer must dial the relevant USSD code according to their type of subscription (*808*1#OK, *808*2#OK, *808*3#OK, *808*4#OK or *808*5#OK).The daily prize winners are not eligible to win future daily prizesduring the promotion. There is no charge to take a Quiz.

Each Participant who has subscribed to the Service and meets the terms and conditions of the ‘Lucky Bonus’ promotion may participate in daily Quizzes and has the right to receive a daily prize, except for the Monthly Prize.

The prize is awarded to the participant who answered all the questions correctly and earned the largest number of points.

Participants can improve their score by purchasing another daily pack and answering the questions. To purchase a pack, he/she must dial the combination that corresponds to their chosen pack. The bonus pack can only be activated upon completion of the Quiz. Upon receipt of a SMS confirming activation of the pack, the participant is able to re-take the Quiz and his/her best result will be entered in the final table of scores. Each day participants may purchase up to four additional packs and retake the Quiz up to 5 times a day, except for the day when the Final Quiz takes place. On the day when the Main draw takes place, participants can activate an unlimited number of bonus packs.


  • Dial *950*1# or text 1 to 950 to activate 10SMS+10MB pack.
  • Dial *950*2# or text 2 to 950 to activate 20SMS pack.
  • Dial *950*3# or text 3 to 950 to activate 10SMS+10MB+10MIN pack
  • Dial *950*4# or text 4 to 950 to activate 24 Hours pack.
  • Dial *955# or text 5 to 950 to activate 10MB pack.
  • Text BALL to 950 or 955 to find out your Quiz score.
  • Text TOP to 950 or 955 to find out the best score.
  • Text PRIZE to 950 or 955 to learn more about prizes.
  • *808*1# or text 1 to 808 to activate 30SMS+30MB pack.
  • *808*2# or text 2 to 808 to activate 30SMS pack.
  • *808*3# or text 3 to 808 to activate 30SMS+30MB+30MIN pack
  • *808*4# or text 4 to 808 to activate 24Hour pack.
  • *808*5# or text 5 to 808 to activate 30MB pack.
  • Text BALL to 808 to find out your Quiz score.
  • Text TOP to 808 to find out the best score.
  • Text PRIZE to 808 to learn more about prizes.
  • Text OFF to 808 or dial *808*0# - to stop receiving the 1stQuiz question
  • Text ON to 808 or dial *808# - to start receiving the 1stQuiz question.
  • Text Q to 808 or dial *808*9# - to receive the 1stquestion of the Daily Quiz (with disabled automatic sending of the 1stQuiz question).
  • Text СМСor SMS to 808 — to purchase additional pack

To opt out from the promo:

Text STOP to 808

Call 950

Service terms:

  1. Pack fee is collected daily starting from subscription to the Service.
  2. Subscription to the Service is free. Sending texts to 808 — 0 tenge
  3. Receiving information SMS from 808 is free
  4. Subscribers can activate and pay for the pack only after they have the Quiz for the first time.
  5. Daily fee is deducted from the participant’s account upon application of the bonus pack.
  6. Payment of the daily fee is prerequisite for using the service.
  7. Packs can be activated anytime during the day.
  8. Packs can be used for onnet communication only.
  9. Packs are not available while customers are roaming.
  10. 30SMS and 30SMS from 30SMS+30MB and 30SMS+30MB+30MIN packs cannot be used to send texts to 3-, 4- and 5-digit short numbers.
  11. Packs cannot be transferred to other customers.
  12. Pack is valid from activation till the end of that day (till 23.59 of the next day, Nur-Sultan time).
  13. Should the participant opt out from this promotion, the pack that is currently active on their account will be valid till midnight of the next day, Nur-Sultan time.


The 300 000 tenge monthly prize will be drawn among all the participants of the Promotion who have purchased at least 10 bonus packages in the current month, including on the day of the draw.

In order to qualify for a prize, you must have used your mobile number registered for the Quiz for at least 90 days and pay for the bonus package on the day of the draw.

More information about the Promotion http://happybonus.top

*The quiz is held by Provider – Inlab LLP. Provider is liable for the content of service as well as quality and timely delivery thereof. Provider is fully liable to Operator, third parties and subscribers for a failure to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including law on communication, licensing and license agreements, patent law, intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights.

Cost of Bonus packages per day:

  • 30SMS — 49 tenge (Mini Packs 24SMS — 39 tenge, 18SMS — 30 tenge, 12SMS — 19 tenge, 6SMS — 10 tenge)
  • 30MB — 49 tenge (Mini Packs 24MB — 39 tenge, 18MB — 30 tenge, 12MB — 19 tenge, 6MB — 10 tenge)
  • 30SMS+30MB — 59 tenge (Mini Packs 27SMS+27MB — 53 tenge, 24SMS + 24MB — 47 tenge, 18SMS+18MB — 36 tenge, 12SMS+12MB — 23 tenge, 6SMS+6MB — 12 tenge, 3SMS+3MB — 6 tenge)
  • 30SMS+30MB+30MIN — 69 tenge (Mini Packs 27SMS+27MB+27MIN — 62 tenge, 21SMS+21MB+21MIN — 48 tenge, 18SMS+18MB+18MIN — 42 tenge, 12SMS+12MB+12MIN — 27 tenge, 9SMS+9MB+9MIN — 21 tenge, 3SMS+3MB+3MIN — 7 tenge)
  • 24Hour (1440 minutes) — 200 tenge (Mini Packs 720MIN — 100 tenge, 360MIN — 50 tenge, 180MIN — 25 tenge)

Terms of use

  1. The cost of service is collected in full upon its activation, provided that there is sufficient balance in the customer’s account (prepaid customers) or credit limit (postpaid customers), and then on a daily basis.
  • If payment is not collected due to low balance, access to the service will be suspended until customer tops up with sufficient amount and payment is collected in full.
  • The Organizer will, from 09:00 till 21:00 Nur-Sultan time, make up to 6 attempts to collect payment. If after 6 attempts the balance is still low to cover the cost of the pack, Organizer will send a SMS from 808 short code informing the customer that the pack has not been activated and prompting him to top up his account.
  1. If customer does not have enough funds in his account for the renewal of the selected Pack, he will be provided with a Mini pack at a price that corresponds to the amount of money available in his account (in descending order), and during that day the Organizer will make attempts to collect the cost of the Mini packs for the total amount not exceeding the cost of the selected Pack.

Once the service has been activated, the packs will be provided on a daily basis.