For individuals

To be connected to the services with the activ trademark, it will be required to accept the terms of the Communication Services Public Agreement by signing the Registration Form in the established by Kcell JSC format and purchase a starter pack with the assigned subscriber number. For the conclusion of the Agreement it will be required to have an identity document (original ID card or Passport).

In accordance with the Rules of rendering the cellular services, approved by the Rules on rendering mobile services, approved by Order #171 of 24.02.2015 of acting RK Minister of Investments and Development, the following information should be specified in the Registration Form:

  • Full name;
  • Details of the ID card;
  • IIN;
  • Place of residence;
  • Mailing address (if different from the street address);
  • E-mail address;
  • Contact phone number.

To activate mobile services (activ) on your account, send your IIN (12 digits) to 6007 (for KZ residents) or passport number, surname and name separated by a space to 7006 (for non-KZ residents), or go to and enter your IIN number and complete the self-service registration process. Read more about self-service registration.

If the party to the Agreement is a minor, aged 14 to 18 years of old, it will be required:

  • the presence and the written consent of a parent, adoptive parents or guardians of a minor for re-registration of a subscriber number;
  • a birth certificate and/or a court decision on adoption (in case the child’s birth certificate does not provide for information about the adoptive parents) or the court decision on guardianship (wardship) of a minor;
  • a copy of the identity document of a parent/adoptive parent or guardian giving consent for re-registration.

The Starter Pack comes with a bonus airtime (tenge) which can be used for all kinds of mobile services, except that it may not be:
— redeemed for cash upon mobile contract termination
— transferred to another customer via Mobile Help service
— kept if customer switches between Kcell/activ brands