INFO Port is a service that allows  prepaid customers* to make a free 60-second domestic call (mobile or landline) after listening to a third party (Client) advertising up to 20 second in length.
By dialing a special combination (as provided below) and making a free call, customers give their consent to receive the service and to listen to our partner’s ad and receive SMS ads.

To use the service and make a free call, customers must dial:
                         *56 called number starting with DEF code
Example: *56 8 701 *** ** ** 

Customers dial the combination and listen to the Client’s ad of up to 20 seconds in length. Once the ad is over, customers must confirm that they have listened to the ad by pressing appropriate number on their phones for 3-5 seconds (the number will be provided at the end of the ad). When everything is done correctly (the right button is pressed for 3-5 seconds), a connection to the desired number is set up and customer is able to make a 1 minute call, which will be terminated after 1 minute.
Should the customer press a wrong button, he/she will be notified to that effect and prompted to try again. If the customer fails to press the correct number again, connection to the desired number will not be set up.
After each free call the customer will get an SMS ad containing the same or additional text ad.
Customers can use the service an unlimited number of times regardless of their account balance, except when the service is unavailable.
Service may be unavailable if:

  • Client content (ads) is not available;
  • customer has hit the limit set by the Client for playing their ads;
  • the calling or called customer are roaming;
  • customer is trying to make an international call;
  • customer does not dial the combination correctly;
  • customer fails to timely confirm that they have listened to the ad.

For more information on the Info Port service, please contact us at + 7 (727) 258 70 21.

Kcell customers can call 9099 from mobile (call is free).

Or write to us at, .