Internet +
From 29.08.2017, the terms of the Internet+ service will change as follows..> Details
Effective on 24.11.2015, subscriptions to the following types of ‘Internet +’ service shall be closed.. > Details
Internet from activ has been updated and become cheaper,and most importantly - it became more accessible!




in excess of the



to number 2002

45 МБ/ day

39 ₸/ day

4 ₸/1 МБ



190 МБ/ day

74 ₸/ day

2 ₸/1 МБ



350 МБ/ day

115 ₸/ day

0,5 ₸/1 МБ




To check the traffic balance:

  • Dial *444*1*3# ;

To deactivate the service:

  • Dial *444*1*4# ;
  • Send SMS with стоп or stop to number 2002.

Note! In case the service is deactivated, the unused traffic will return to zero.

From 29 August, no Welcome bonus is provided for first time activation of Internet+ service;

When the Service is activated by the Subscriber for the first time, the bonus traffic will be provided according to the Table.

Welcome bonus is provided to the Subscribers only if the Service is activated for the first time and the Service will not be available when using the Upgrade option or when the Service is re-activated.

Accrued as part of Welcome bonus traffic can be spent subsequently to consuming of the Service related accumulated traffic.

Bonus traffic within the scope of the Welcome bonus option will be canceled after being disconnected from the Service.

In case of unsuccessful debiting of a subscription fee for the Service, the access to the traffic accrued within the scope of the Welcome bonus option will be suspended up to successful debiting of a subscription fee.

The subscription fee for the Service is debited from the balance in full at a time when it is connected. The subscription fee will be further debited and the service will be fully provided daily from 00:00 to 02:00 Nur-Sultan time. If the subscription fee has not been written off within the set time from 00:00 to 02:00 hours due to lack of funds on the account, the subscription fee will be debited in full and the Service will continue, the traffic on the Service will accrue upon replenishment of the account balance for a sufficient amount after 02:00 hours.

For correct operation of the Internet traffic accrued, it is recommended to interrupt the current Internet session for 1-2 seconds: turn off mobile data or select «flight mode» and then resume using the Internet: turn on mobile data / turn off «flight mode».

Data allowance is valid until the end of the month following the month in which it was provided. If daily fee is not paid when due to insufficient account balance, any remaining data allowance will be lost;

The traffic under the Services with less duration shall be consumed first.

At one and the same time only one type of the service can be activated.

The Service will be available, provided only the subscriber terminal supports the internet access point function.

At one and the same time only one type of the service may be activated.

Billing increment - 1 KB.

In case of exceeding of the traffic amount, relating to connected type of the service, the subsequent traffic will be charged at rates specified in the Table.

The service is not available in roaming. It is recommended to deactivate the Service for the period of roaming.

The service, activated during the Internet current session, will not run. Such Internet session will be charged at a standard rate. It is recommended in such cases to close the current session and resume using the Internet after service activation.

Attentiona certain amount of data will be automatically reserved for your first 2G/3G session or once you access 4G network. If you run out of data allowance – a certain amount of money will be reserved from your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click this link.

All prices are shown in tenge including VAT.


The Service cannot be activated, if the Subscriber:

  • activated one of the following services: "Mobile Internet Plus", "Bonus Internet"
  • has a valid contract within the scope of actions "Contract phone" and "Smart buy".

If the Subscriber activated one of the tariff plans: "All in one L", "All for all Start", the service fee will be collected and data allowance provided in accordance with its standard terms. In this case data with shorter validity period will take priority. When data provided under both the Tariff and the service is used up before the next Tariff billing cycle starts, the subscribers will be charged at data rates applicable under the Tariff.

If the Subscriber has activated one of the following services: "Yearly Internet+", "Happy SMS and Megabytes", the traffic with less duration will be consumed first.

These terms of service compatibility may be supplemented or amended by the Operator.