Kid security

Track the location of your kid’s phone and listen to his surroundings via a mobile application.

  • Create virtual fences on the map and get notifications when your child leaves or enters the boundaries of the zone you have set;
  • Review the history of your child’s movements;
  • Determine your child’s location in real time;
  • Send a loud signal to your kid’s mobile phones;
  • Reward your child with virtual coins for the useful things he has done in school, at home or for sport activities (he can exchange those coins for real gifts from parents);
  • Send motivating messages to your child;
  • Chat with your kid via the app installed on his smartphone;
  • Listen in on your child’s surroundings and make up to 20-second long recordings.

Service requires an internet connection on both your and your child’s phone.


  • Online GPS tracking
  • History of child’s movements on the map
  • App usage statistics
  • Event feed on child’s device
  • Emergency alert (SOS)
  • Setting secure zones
  • Low battery notification
  • Chat with kids
  • Voice chat with kids
  • Sending a signal to child’s phone when it is on silent mode
  • Sound surrounding the child’s phone
  • Praising kids and sending virtual coins to their phones as a reward for the useful things he has done in school, at home or for sport activities.

The first time subscribers get a 7-day free trial period. After the trial period, user will be charged a daily fee to use the Service.

The service fee is 29 tenge a day and is automatically deducted from the user’s account. The fee is collected in full, provided there is sufficient balance (for a prepaid customer) or credit limit (for a postpaid customer) in the user’s account, between 00:00 and 23:59, or upon activation of the service without a trial period, and then on a daily basis during the said time frame.

Use any of the below methods to activate the service:

In the Kid Security application or on tap the Activate button. Should the system fail to automatically identify your number, enter it manually. You will receive a sms containing a password which you need to type in the relevant field in the app. If your number has been identified by the system, service activation will be done automatically.

  • Text Start to 370
  • Dial *370# and select ‘Activate’

To deactivate the service, remove the child’s device from the profile in the Kid Security app and text СТОП, Стоп, стоп, STOP, Stop or stop to 370.

Dial *370# and select ‘Deactivate’. Before that make sure to remove the child’s device from the profile in the Kid Security app.

Warning! Removing the Kid Security app from the User's mobile device is not considered to be his unsubscription from the service and user will be continue to be charged the service fee.

How to install application – Install the Kid Security application. Supported devices: Android (above 4.2), iOS (above 10).

Once the application has been installed and service activated, connect the child’s device by selecting ‘Connect child’ from the menu.

Link to the app: