Last hidden number

If you wish to get to know who has called from the hidden number, use the service "Identifier of the last hidden number".

To use the service, send a USSD-request *556# and choose from the menu "1. Yes" or send a direct request to *556*1#.

  1. In view of technical features, the hidden number can be identified with a delay of up to 15 minutes. Therefore it is recommended to use this service upon expiry of 15 minutes following the call made from the hidden number.
  2. The last hidden number can be identified within three (3) calendar days of receipt of the call from the hidden number.
  3. The hidden number can be identified in case of successful or unsuccessful connection between the users, and if a Subscriber uses the services "Always Available", "Missed Call Notification", "I Am Available" and if the function "forwarding within the network" is set on a handset of a Subscriber.
  4. In case of a successful identification of the hidden number at your request, the sent hidden number will be removed from the database of the service.
  5. No service is available in roaming.

Cost of a single identification of the last hidden number - 200 tenge, including VAT.

Call is charged only when the service is delivered successfully. Requests are sent at no charge.