For legal entities

To activate the service under the activ trademark, it will be required to accept the terms of the Communication Services Public Agreement by signing the Registration Form in the established by Kcell JSC format and purchase a starter pack with the assigned subscriber number.

To enter into the Agreement it will be required to provide:

  1. a copy of the Certificate of state registration or the statement on state registration of a legal entity;
  2. a copy of the VAT registration certificate if the entity is a VAT payer;
  3. a completed Registration Form, signed by the executive officer of a legal entity and affixed with the seal of a legal entity. In case the Registration Form is signed by another authorized person, it will be required to provide a copy of the power of attorney.

In accordance with the Rules of rendering the cellular services, while completing the Rules of rendering the cellular services, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1718, dated 30 December 2011, the following information should be specified in the Registration Form:

  1. Legal entity name;
  2. Registered office of the Company;
  3. Address for invoices delivery;
  4. E-mail address;
  5. Telephone number;
  6. Acc. in the bank;
  7. Full name of the executive officer and contact person of the company.
The mobile services are provided to a Subscriber in accordance with terms and conditions of the Agreement for provision of mobile communication services.