Live Balance

The Live Balance service allows a user to view his/her mobile account balance right on their mobile phone screens! The balance info is always displayed on the screen and updated immediately to reflect changes in billing system and the user is able to control his/her mobile expenses and avoid unnecessary charges.

During an active internet-session the indications of balance under Live Balance service can be updated with delay.


Subscription fee - 99 tenge for 30 days of the service. The fee for the service is collected automatically every 30 days.

Subscription fee is collected from 00:00 to 02:00 Nur-Sultan time. If the fee is not collected from 00:00 to 02:00 due to insufficient balance, the service will be switched to the waiting condition until the sufficient balance top up, and then the fee will be collected in full. The service can be deactivated only upon sending the relevant request for deactivation.

Service is controlled via *121# USSD menu, where you can get more info about the service or check if it is supported by your phone/SIM, or activate/deactivate the service.

Direct commands:

*121*1# – to get service info;

*121*2# – to check if your phone/SIM supports the service;

*121*3# – to activate the service;

*121*4# – to deactivate the service.

These USSD commands are non-chargeable.

Note! Before activating the service, check if your phone/SIM is capable of this type of service. For that, dial *121*2#.