Million from activ!

To celebrate its 20th birthday, activ is giving away 30 prizes worth 100 thousand tenge each and a super prize — 1 million tenge!

Join the promotion! It’s very easy:

  • Register for free via USSD (*720*1#OK) or My activ app*

To qualify for the promotion:

  • You must be on a Super Comfort plan (XS, S, M, L or Promo) and current with your plan payments (i.e. no more than 28 days have passed since the last payment);
  • If you have a contract phone deal, you must be current with your monthly payments as of the respective draw date.

Prize draws schedule:

  • 05.11.19 — 5 prizes of 100 thousand tenge each
  • 12.11.19 — 5 prizes of 100 thousand tenge each
  • 19.11.19 — 5 prizes of 100 thousand tenge each
  • 26.11.19 — 5 prizes of 100 thousand tenge each
  • 03.12.19 — 5 prizes of 100 thousand tenge each
  • 10.12.19 — super prize 1 million tenge

The prize winners will be selected randomly from among the participants who meet the qualification requirements of the promotion.

Note! We will contact the winners of on the next day after the draw. Do not miss our call. Good luck!

We have selected the winners of the first stage of the ‘Million from activ’ promotion.

The lucky winners of 100,000 cash prizes are:

  • +7 XXX XXX 1828 — Aktobe
  • +7 XXX XXX 2814 — Karaganda
  • +7 XXX XXX 0408 — Kokshetau
  • +7 XXX XXX 7211 — Almaty
  • +7 XXX XXX 1039 — Nur-Sultan
  • +7 XXX XXX 6225 — Almaty Region

We have selected the winners of the second stage of the ‘Million from activ’ promotion.

The lucky winners of 100,000 cash prizes are:

• +7 XXX XXX 7257 — Karaganda region
• +7 XXX XXX 7302 — Akmola region
• +7 XXX XXX 9029 — Almaty region
• +7 XXX XXX 0504 — Zhambyl region
• +7 XXX XXX 7284 — Uralsk

We have selected the winners of the third stage of the ‘Million from activ’ promotion.

The lucky winners of 100,000 cash prizes are:

  • +7 XXX XXX 2448 — Almaty region
  • +7 XXX XXX 1523 — Kyzylorda region
  • +7 XXX XXX 9184 — Atyrau
  • +7 XXX XXX 2849 — Semey
  • +7 XXX XXX 1986 — Kyzylorda
  • +7 XXX XXX 3941 — Karaganda

We have selected the winners of the fourth stage of the ‘Million from activ’ promotion.

  1. +7 XXX XXX 4042 Mangystau region
  2. +7 XXX XXX 2055 Almaty region.
  3. +7 XXX XXX 9775 Kyzylorda region.
  4. +7 XXX XXX 6354 Pavlodar
  5. +7 XXX XXX 2570 Uralsk
  6. +7 XXX XXX 5124 Atyrau
  7. +7 XXX XXX 6529 Atyrau

 We have selected the winners of the fifth stage of the ‘Million from activ’ promotion.

  1. +7 XXX XXX 4935 Kyzylorda region
  2. +7 XXX XXX 2639 Karaganda region
  3. +7 XXX XXX 2085 Kyzylorda region
  4. +7 XXX XXX 5151 Aktau
  5. +7 XXX XXX 7133 Atyrau
  6. +7 XXX XXX 9224 Nur-Sultan

We have determined the winner of the final draw in the ‘Million From activ’ promotion.

+7 XXX XXX 9915  Shymkent

  1. The ‘Million from activ’ promotion runs from 30.10.2019 through to 10.12.2019.
  2. Eligible participants are activ customers of 18+ years, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, or foreign citizens with a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, who are the registered owners of their mobile numbers. The following persons are not allowed to participate in the promotion: employees of Kcell JSC and their close relatives (spouse, parents (parent), daughter, son, adoptive parents (adoptive parents), adopted and half-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren. By participating in this promotion, customer agrees to be bound by its terms and conditions. Promotion conditions may be unilaterally changed or amended by the Operator.
  3. Prize pool — 4 million tenge (30 prizes worth 100 thousand each and 1 super prize of 1 million tenge).
  4. There will be a total of 6 draws with 5 draws of 6 KZT100 000 worth of prizes per draw. The draws will take place on 05.11.19, 12.11.19, 19.11.19, 26.11.19, 03.12.19. The final draw will take place on 10.12.19 to give away a super prize — 1 million tenge.
  5. To qualify for the promotion:
    1. Customer with NO ongoing ‘contract phone’ contract must:
      • Register for the promotion by dialing *720# or via the My activ app (see details in par. 6-7)
      • Be on any of the Super Comfort plans: Super Comfort XS, Super Comfort S, Super Comfort M, Super Comfort L, Super Comfort Promo. Be current with his regular plan payments (i.e. no more than 28 days have passed since the last payment)
    2. Customer with an ongoing ‘contract phone’ contract must:
      • Register for the promotion by dialing *720# or via the My activ app (see details in par. 6-7)
      • Be current with his monthly payments under the contract
  6. Registration is open from 30.11.2019 through to 10.12.2019.
  7. Customer can register for the promotion via USSD *720# or My activ application. Customer will be sent a SMS confirming his registration for the entire duration of the promotion. No registration is required if customer switches to any of the above plans, made a regular payment under his plan/contract. There is also no need to register before each prize draw. To check registration status, customer should dial *720*2#.
  8. The winners of the promotion will be selected randomly using the site from the list of participants who meet the participation requirements specified in par. 2 and 5 above. In the first 5 draws, 6 winners (+10 reserve numbers) will be selected, and in 1 winner (+10 reserve numbers) will be selected during the super prize draw.
  9. A special Commission comprised of the Company employees will oversee the uploading data from the data base and determining the winners. The results of each prize draw will be recorded and signed by the members of the Commission.
  10. The representatives of Kcell JSC will contact the winners of the promotion using the number provided during registration on the next day after the draw to notify them of winning a prize, to verify registration of their number, to obtain consent to receive a prize, as well as to give further instructions regarding collecting the prize. 6 winners will each receive 3 phone calls within 3 hours from 09:00 to 12:00, Nur-Sultan time. Should the Company fail to reach the winner or should he refuse during a recorded phone call to receive the prize, he will be excluded from the list of winners. The Company shall within the next 3 hours (from 12:00 to 15:00, Nur-Sultan) call the next customer on the list of reserve numbers to form a new list of 6 winners. Should the Company fail to reach customers from the second list, the following numbers on the list from the reserve numbers will be contacted between 15:00 and 18:00, Nur-Sultan time.
  11. To receive the prize, the winner must within 5 days after receiving a call from the Company’s representative (including the day of the call) personally visit a Kcell Center or Kcell Store and provide his ID document (with IIN number) or authorize a representative (in which case a notarized power of attorney will be required) to take the necessary actions to receive the prize. If the winning mobile number is registered to another person, the winner must transfer ownership in his name according to the procedure established by the Company. The winner will also be required to provide a written consent to receive the prize.
  12. Should the winner fail to claim the prize and / or to present documents listed in par. 11 above within the specified time, he will lose the right to receive a prize, and the prize will be considered unclaimed by the winner and the winner will have no right to claim it in future. The Company reserves the right to independently dispose of such a prize, including postponing the draw for the next week or conducting an additional draw of prizes in accordance with the requirements of par. 8 and 9.
  13. The winners of the draw, who confirmed the registration and submitted the documents within the time specified in par. 11, become the recipients of prizes. The list of winners indicating the amount of the prize is fixed by the protocol, which is also signed by members of the Commission. The mobile numbers of the winners (the last four digits of the number) will be published on website no later than 10 calendar days after the draw.
  14. The winning phone numbers from the Protocol will be excluded from future prize draws.
  15. The prize is provided within 7 working days after publication of the draw results on the website.
  16. The Company is responsible for timely reporting and payment of income tax arising from receipt of prizes by their winners in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All other payments that may arise in connection with the receipt of prizes by the participants of the Promotion are to be paid independently by the participants who receive the prize in the Promotion. The Company is not responsible for any costs and expenses the participants may incur in connection with their participation in the Promotion.

* Registration is open from 30.10.2019 through to 09.12.2019 to all activ customers. No registration is required if you switch to any of the above plans, made a regular payment under your plan or contract. You also do not need to register before each prize draw. To check your registration status, dial *720*2#OK.