Missed Call Notification

If someone calls you while you are out of coverage area or your phone is switched off, use this service to know who called you in the past 24 hours. After you turn on your phone or get back in the network coverage area, you will receive a text message with a list of missed calls, caller ID as well as call date and time.*

By using this service you will also enable the caller to use Automatic Callback service to connect to you automatically once you become available within the next 2 hours. * If the caller uses the Automatic Callback service and automatically connects to you once you become available, you will not receive a SMS notification of missed calls.

To sign up to this service it will be required to set the function of call forwarding with the option “out of the coverage area or switched off” to number 2050 (settings vary depending on the phone model). The service may be deactivated in the same manner, i.e. by cancel of diverting to the number 2050.

Call forwarding from your mobile phone can be activated using your handset keyboard directly with the help of call forwarding codes and the appropriate call forwarding commands:

To activate call forwarding option "busy" to the phone number 2050 press: **67*2050#.

To activate call forwarding option "out of coverage/phone is switched off" to the phone number 2050 press: **62*2050#.

To cancel the service dial ##002#.

To cancel the service under the “Out of the coverage area/phone is off” dial *162#.