Mobile Internet+
From 29.08.2017, the terms of the Mobile Internet+ service will change as follows..> Details
On 16.04.2015 the service ‘Mobile Internet Plus’ will cease to be in effect.. > Details



Daily data bonus allowance, MB Daily fee, ₸ Standard per-MB rate (charged when you go over your allowance) Activation
10 29 4 ₸/MB Closed
25 34 4 ₸/MB Closed
45 39 3 ₸/MB Closed
55 44 2 ₸/MB Closed
65 49 2 ₸/MB Closed
75 54 2 ₸/MB Closed
100 59 1 ₸/MB Closed
120 64 0,75 ₸/MB Closed
140 69 0,75 ₸/MB Closed
160 74 0,75 ₸/MB Closed
180 79 0,5 ₸/MB Closed

For correct operation of the Internet traffic accrued, it is recommended to interrupt the current Internet session for 1-2 seconds: turn off mobile data or select «flight mode» and then resume using the Internet: turn on mobile data / turn off «flight mode».

Check your package status and balance via *444*1*3#.

How to unsubscribe: text стоп or stop to 2002 or send a USSD request to *444*1*4#.

Attention! When you disable the current type of the service, the unused traffic will return to zero.

Service subscriber fee is collected in full at the time of service activation. All subsequent fees will be collected and data allowance applied daily between 00:00 and 02:00 (Nur-Sultan time). If no subscriber fee is collected between 00:00 and 02:00 due to insufficient funds in your account, your data allowance will be applied after you top up your account after 02:00 and the subscriber fee is collected.

Data allowance is valid until the end of the month following the month in which it was provided. If daily fee is not paid when due to insufficient account balance, any remaining data allowance will be lost.

When the accumulated Internet traffic under the Service is consumed by the Subscriber, the Internet traffic with less duration is to be consumed first.

This service is only provided within the scope of the “Mobile Internet (3G/2G/GPRS /WAP)” service with access point name set to internet/WAP.

You are allowed to subscribe to only one package at a time.

Billing increment – 1 KB.

If you go over your package allowance, you will be charged at our discounted rates. Please, see Table above.

Service is not available in roaming. You are recommended to disable the service when roaming.

“Mobile internet plus” service, activated during the current Internet session, will not operate. Such Internet session will be charged as per the standard tariff rate. You are recommended to close in such cases the current session and renew using of the Internet after service activation.

Attention: a certain amount of data will be automatically reserved for your first 2G/3G session or once you access 4G network. If you run out of data allowance – a certain amount of money will be reserved from your account to ensure uninterrupted browsing. To find out more about data reservation, click this link.

Service expires on 28 February 2021. Any unused data will be lost after this date.

All prices are shown in KZT, VAT inclusive.

It is not recommended to use the service “Unlimited Internet” with other services on the use of the Mobile Internet!

The Service can be activated in case of presence of the activated service and other similar Internet services, and if a subscriber has entered into and is in possession of the currently operating contract under actions “Contract phone”, “Smart buy”.

If there are any additional services “Internet Packages”, “Service Packages”, “Internet for the whole year as a gift”, “Happy megabytes and SMS” and other services, providing for the Internet traffic with a limited validity period, the traffic with less effective term will be consumed first.

If the Subscriber is using tariff plan “All in one L” the fee for this service will be collected and data allowance provided in accordance with its standard terms. Data allowance included in the tariff Plan will be used first and then data provided as under this service. If data provided under both the tariff Plan and the service is used up before the next billing cycle on the tariff Plan starts, the subscribers will be charged as per the rates of the “Mobile Internet Plus” service.

These terms of service compatibility may be supplemented or amended by the Operator.