Mobile Internet Portal

Mobile Internet Portal is an information and entertainment portal that allows users to get lots of interesting and useful information right from their mobile devices anywhere where there is Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Users are able to enjoy amazing services such as mobile dating, soccer portal, healthy living videos, at-home and gym workout videos, music service for those who want to listen to music and download up to 10 tracks daily as well as various subscription-based services like weather, news, horoscopes and much more.

Subscribe ones to be able to access the service from any mobile device, be it a smartphone, tab or PC.

Main Mobile Internet Portal sections:

  • Best;
  • Mobile Club;
  • Game club;
  • Video club;
  • Music portal;
  • Dating portal;
  • Football;
  • Fitness;
  • Text-based subscriptions:
    • News and events;
    • Horoscope;
    • Local weather;
    • Joke of the day;
    • Jokes;
    • Murphy's Law;
    • Movie premiers;
    • Guinness Book of World Records;
    • Other
  • Free;
  • Bonus – free access to this category in addition to a text-based subscription

Details -

For more information about each service, please go to and select the ones you are interested in. Or you can do it via USSD using the following controls:

  • *225#  - for Service portal (Dating, Fitness, Soccer, Music);
  • *223#  - for text-based subscriptions;
  • *453#  - for mobile clubs.

The charge for each service can be found at

One-time content services:

  • Music: 28 tenge, 56 tenge, 168 tenge, 336 tenge;
  • Video: 28 tenge, 56 tenge, 168 tenge;
  • Images: 28 tenge, 56 tenge;
  • Themes: 28 tenge, 56 tenge;
  • Games and apps: 28 tenge, 56 tenge, 168 tenge, 336 tenge.

Text-based subscriptions:

  • Charge: 20 tenge/per day.

Content-based subscriptions:

  • Charge: 40 tenge/per day.


  • Music Portal: 30 tenge/per day;
  • Soccer: 40 tenge/per day;
  • Fitness: 28 tenge/per day;
  • Dating: 25 tenge/per day, 15 tenge/per day;
  • Mkiosk: 34 tenge/per day.

All first-time subscribers are provided with 2 day free trial period.

Daily fee is deducted from the Subscriber’s account between 09:00 and 00:00 Nur-Sultan time when Subscribers get an SMS from the 222 number. Access to service is provided for 24 hours after the successful charging.

  • activ subscribers: daily fee is deducted in full upon subscription to the service and then on a daily basis, subject to sufficient account balance. If daily fee could not be collected due to insufficient funds in the Subscriber’s account, the service will be suspended. Once the Subscriber tops up his/her account and the fee is collected, the service will become available again.
  • Kcell subscribers: the fee is deducted on a daily basis in equal shares. Time payment of the fee is prerequisite for using the service. Outgoing calls, including access to Video Portal, will be suspended if the subscribers fail to maintain sufficient balance to use mobile communication services (prepaid subscribers) or stay within their credit limit (postpaid subscribers). If the fee cannot be collected during 7 to 30 days after the outgoing calls were blocked, incoming calls, including access to Video Portal, will be blocked as well. The fee will be charged until incoming calls are blocked.

From 11.07.2016, the terms of collection of daily fee will change as follows: the full amount of daily subscription fee will be collected upon service activation, subject to sufficient account balance to cover the fee. If daily fee could not be collected due to low balance, service will be suspended. When subscriber tops up with sufficient amount, the fee will be collected and service become available in full scope. When topping up the balance a sufficient amount of subscription price will be charged in full and the service will be provided in an appropriate volume. The scope of Mobile Internet Portal services will not be available to subscriber with zero balance (for prepaid subscribers) and when the credit limit is run out (for postpaid subscribers) being used for access to Mobile Internet services.

To unsubscribe from the service, text СТОП, Стоп, стоп, STOP, Stop or stop to 222 or dial *453*9*00# .

Please, send your queries regarding the service to us at or call us on +7 (727) 356 79 56.

* Service is provided by Zero Gravity LLP – an independent provider that provides Kcell and activ subscribers access to various entertainment and information services through Internet Portal. Provider is liable for the content of service as well as quality and timely delivery thereof. Provider is fully liable to Operator, third parties and subscribers for a failure to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including law on communication, licensing and license agreements, patent law, intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights.