Hidden Caller Identification

activ will help its subscribers to find out the real number behind a hidden call. Subscribe to this service to see who is calling you! Hidden Caller ID service is available for activation on all tariffs, except those which already include it.

With Hidden Caller Identification, during the incoming call you will be able to see the caller’s ID on the screen of your phone (all KZ numbers), hidden by #31# code.

For service details dial *700*3#

Attention! Some phones do not support the Hidden Caller Identification.

You may file an application for subscribing/unsubscribing of the service with the serviсe points or do it on your own.

To subscribe:

  • send SMS with figure: "1" without quotes to 5500;
  • dial *700*1#

To unsubscribe:

  • send SMS with figure: "0" without quotes to 5500;
  • dial *700*2#

There is no charge to subscribe to the service. Daily fee is 19 tenge.

The subscription fee for the Service is debited in full upon Service activation; the subscription fee will be subsequently daily debited upon activation of the Service between 00:00 and 02:00 hours or upon recharge of the balance for a sufficient amount to debit the subscription fee. The Service will operate up to the next debiting of a subscription fee.

The Service will be rendered and a subscription fee will be debited up to blocking of the inbound traffic. Upon blocking, debiting of a subscription fee and rendering of the Service shall be suspended up to replenishment of the balance for the amount sufficient to render the cellular services.

The Service is not available in roaming.