Pay For Me

The Pay For Me service allows you to send a free of charge message to the desired Kcell or Activ subscriber requesting him/her to recharge your balance, regardless of whether you are roaming or have run out balance.

The service requires no activation.

To ask the desired subscriber to recharge you balance dial *131*desired subscribers number#.

The number can be entered in next format: *131*87XXYYYZZZZ# or *131*77XXYYYZZZZ#.

To avoid spam, the number of call me requests is limited to 5 requests per day and to 30 requests per calendar month.

The desired subscriber will receive a SMS sent on your behalf saying «Subscriber ХХХХХХХХХХХ asks you to recharge his/her mobile account».

After you dial *131*desired subscribers number#, you will receive a USSD message confirming that your request has been sent out: «You request has been accepted».

The Pay For Me service is provided free of charge.