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Activate the service to get unlimited free data to play three games.

You will not incur data charges provided only

- you play the latest versions of the games

- you have paid the tariff fee

you have not used up the data allowance included in your tariff or a data add-on, if any (remaining data is more than 0). Please, note that any reserved data (see reservation rules on website) or roaming data allowance does not account as the remaining data;

When the customer uses browsers, receives push notifications, in case of automatic software updates or when other installed applications are running the background, in case customer clicks the links to other websites or banner ads, maintenance traffic, when downloading applications from Google Play, the App Store, when using the private browsing mode, when using a smartphone in modem mode, VPN channels, proxy servers, anonymizers, or other traffic that technically cannot be identified as internal traffic of the Call of duty mobile, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire apps, the customer will be using the data allowance included in the Tariff or add-on data services (data add-ons), if any is active on his account; and if data allowance is used up or is not available, customer will be charged the overage data rates for their Tariff (with his consent). If consent to be charged the overage data rates has not been provided, access to mobile data will be blocked for that customer until collection of the tariff fee for the next bill cycle or he activates a data service (data add-on) or gives his consent to be the overage data rates.

Service is not available on the Allo Kazakhstan and Real Unlim tariffs.

Non-chargeable data usage begins with the Service activation (subject to compliance with the conditions specified in cl. 8) and lasts until the beginning of the next billing date, that is the date when the next Service fee is due, and subsequently upon successful collection of the Service fee.

Service conditions: service fee - 590 tg; billing period: 30 days, the fee is collected between 00:00 to 02:00 on the night of the 30th to 31st day. Example: service fee was initially paid on August 1, the next due date will August 31.

If the service fee (590 tg) is not paid when due, service will be suspended and you will be charged standard data rates for your tariff.

The fee will be collected automatically and service resumed for the next 30-day’ period after you top up your phone with 590 tenge or more.

Service will be disabled automatically if you fail to pay the fee for 30 or more consecutive days.

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