Tariff Re-activation

Tariff Re-activation service allows customers to have their inclusive allowance renewed before their tariff bill cycle expires. If you have used up your data, onnet SMS and calls, and off-net minutes allowance, you can re-activate your tariff!

To re-activate your tariff, dial *167#OK. Please, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the tariff fee. Once your tariff is re-activated, the tariff fee will be collected and included allowance renewed. Any unused allowance (included rollover data) remaining from your previous bill cycle) will be lost as you re-activate your tariff.

Your bill cycle and tariff fee due date will change accordingly, that is 30 days / 28 days (7 days for Week+) after re-activation.

You can use the service as often as you want, subject to payment of the tariff fee.

Before you re-activate your tariff, please turn off Mobile Date and make sure you have sufficient balance. To check balance, dial *111*3#OK.