Weekly pack

1. To get the information about the group and keyword of the group, please, dial *818*1#OK;

2. To activate the package you have to send the keyword of the group to short number 4488;

3. SMS message of the Operator about the activation is to be considered as the confirmation of pack activation;

4. Package is valid for 7 days (168 hours) from the moment of activation;

5. The package fee is withdrawn at the time of its activation;

6. Dial *123*3*2#OK to check the balance of bonus tenge.

1. The pack is available for all activ subscribers on all tariff plans;

2. Content of the package and price are set depending on the classification of groups set by Operator. The information about the group and keyword of the group can be obtained by dialing *818*1#OK;

3. Package can be used for on-net calls and SMS within activ/Kcell network and for mobile internet service excluding packages. The package can not be used for services of content providers, packages and other campaigns of the Operator. Package can not be used in roaming and for international calls;

4. Customers can buy unlimited number of packages;

5. This offer is valid till 31 December 2015;

6. The campaign validity period can be prolonged and the conditions of participation of subscriber in the campaign, including classification, can be changed with respect to its criteria. All of the Subscribers participating in the campaign will be informed by a short text message about such changes.