Triple units

Do you want to get three times more units every day? Subscribe to the ‘Triple Units’ campaign and start getting three times more bonus units for on-net calls units.

  • To get your individual ‘Triple Units’ offer, please dial *818*8#.
  • To connect to the service, please send a SMS containing the key word to 7070.
  • Dial *123*3*2# to check your bonus balance.
  • To cancel this offer, text 33 to 7070.
  1. Each customer gets an individual offer. Dial *818*8# (free of charge) to learn how to connect to the service and for more detail.
  2. This promotional offer is available on all activ plans.
  3. Once connected, the bonus call units will be provided daily subject to your payment of the daily fee. The fee will be withdrawn between 02:00 am and 23:30 pm (Astana time). In case of successful daily fee withdrawal within the indicated period of time the Campaign bonus units would be assigned to subscriber with validity of 24 hours.
  4. Where there are no sufficient funds in your account to cover the daily fee, the fee for that particular day will not be withdrawn and no bonus call units will be applied to your mobile account. However, your subscription to this offer will remain valid.
  5. Bonus call units may only be used for on-net (Kcell/activ) calling and text messaging as well as to access the Internet (except for Internet Packages).
  6. Bonus call units are not available while you are roaming and may not be used to pay for the content provider services and other promotional services of your provider.
  7. The service is not provided in roaming therefore it is recommended that you deactivate the service while being in roaming.

This promotional offer is valid till 05th of September 2016.

The period of validity of this offer can be extended and criteria for participation therein may be reviewed once in a quarter. In this case, the subscribers who accepted this offer will notified of such changes via SMS.