Service packages

On 05.10.2015 the service «Service packages» will cease to be in effect

Combine SMS, MMS and GPRS on favorable terms!

We offer three types of the Service packages for you to select the one that suits you best.

Package Package validity period Package activation fee (in tenge)* USSD activation code
25 SMS + 25 MB 30 days 250 *888*4*1*2#
50 SMS + 50 MB 30 days 450 *888*4*2*2#
100 SMS + 100 MB + 100 MMS 30 days 1000 *888*4*3*2#

To check your Package balance dial *888*4*4# on your phone.

The activation fee will be withdrawn from your account upon package activation provided there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the fee.

Package includes SMS and MMS allowance valid for on-net messaging (Kcell, activ) during its period of validity.

Packages can not be used to send SMS and MMS to ХХХ or ХХХХ short codes.

If the subscriber goes over his/her Package data allowance, any extra usage of Mobile Internet. (GPRS) will be charged at standard Mobile Internet (GPRS) rates for his/her tariff plan.

If the subscriber goes over his/her Package SMS/MMS allowance, any extra usage of SMS or MMS shall be charged at standard SMS/MMS rates for his/her tariff plan or any other service as the subscriber may have activated.

Package is not valid in roaming.

During the period of Package validity, the subscribers are allowed to activate another Package; in which case, allowance provided with the previous Package will be used first.

Data allowance provided with each of the Service packages can be used only with your APN set to internet.