activ report

"activ-report" service will allow controlling the monthly expenses for mobile communication. At the beginning of each moth you will receive an SMS, notifying of your expenses incurred in the previous month.

To manage the service dial *808*6# . Then, using the menu, you can get information about the service, enable or disable the service.

Direct commands:

  • *808*6*1#  – info about the service;
  • *808*6*2#  – free service activation with no subscription fee;
  • *808*6*3#  – service deactivation.

Free provision of and connection to the service with no subscription fee. The service will be available without connecting to Subscribers who user the following tariff plans: Basic, Unlimited-24, Unlim daytime, with the ability of disabling. Service duration: 10.09.2015-15.12.2015.

Note! Minor error in the data can take place as well as a 30 day delay in receipt of information on the use of communication services when roaming. More detailed information is available in the Personal Cabinet