‘Conversation’ starter pack

590 tg monthly tariff fee will not be collected during 30 days from starter pack with pre-installed ‘Conversation’ tariff activation, regardless whether the Subscriber had balance or not. The system will attempt to charge a Subscriber the tariff fee on the 31st day from SP activation.

If during 30 days from SP activation Subscribers have at least 200 tenge (including 200 initial tenge) in their account, they will have access to the bonus allowance, including: free onnet voice/video calls and 200 SMS. If Subscribers have less than 200 tenge in their account, bonus allowance will not be provided and onnet voice/video calls and sms will be charged based on the rates applicable when the Tariff fee is not paid.

Bonus allowance is valid for 30 days, unless the Subscriber has switched tariffs prior to the expiration of this term. In this case, bonus allowance will be cancelled.

Offer is valid till 31 December 2017.