Remote SIM replacement

Remote SIM replacement service allows customers to replace their SIM cards with new one by dialing a USSD combination. You no longer need to visit Kcell / Activ service points.

Service is provided to customers who have:

  • an active SIM card (active mobile number) and wish to replace it with new one;
  • new SIM card with Activation Code printed on it.

If your current SIM card is locked or lost*, you won’t be able to activate new SIM via USSD.

Replacement process includes three steps:

  1. Purchase a SIM card (200 tenge) at Kcell Centers/Kcell Stores.
  2. Using your phone and an active SIM, dial *877*activation code#ОК (activation code is shown on your new SIM). When prompted, enter PIN 2 and press the calls button.
  3. When the code is entered correctly, you will receive a message informing that your request is being dealt with. Once it is processed, your old SIM will be deactivated. Insert new SIM in your phone, now it is ready for use.

* If you have lost your SIM, contact our customer service centers or sales representatives. Make sure to bring your ID with you.