SIM Replacement

SIM Replacement includes:

• Replacement of SIM card with another type of SIM card (micro, nano) with the same mobile number;

• Replacement of lost/blocked SIM card;


SIM card replacement fee for standard SIM cards - 200 tenge;


The SIM Change service is available on old terms free of charge:

You can get a replacement SIM free of charge if your card is defective.


In order to use the SIM Replacement and SIM Change services, please apply to your nearest Kcell Center or our authorized dealer. If you are an individual and registered owner of the mobile number you are using, please make sure to bring your identity document with you (ID card or passport). If the mobile number is registered to a legal entity you have to submit an application written on the company’s letterhead bearing Director’s signature and company stamp.The SIM Replacement and SIM Change services are only provided to the registered owners of the mobile numbers or their authorized representatives.

When replacing or repairing Sim-cards, contact numbers previously stored in the memory of Sim-card cannot be restored. 

For more information please call 4051 or 4053.