Talking SMS Packages

Starting August 3, 2020, the Talking SMS Packs will no longer be available.

Talking SMS Packages allows you to send original Talking SMS on beneficial terms.


To subscribe to "15 Talking SMS" Package text 15 to 3050.

To subscribe to “25 Talking SMS"" Package text 25 to 3050.

Dial *00* and enter the recipients phone number using either of the two dialing patterns – *00*87XХХХХХХХХ or*00*77XХХХХХХХХ – and follow the voice instruction.

Чтобы проверить количество оставшихся «Говорящих SMS» в купленном пакете необходимо:

Отправить SMS с текстом bal или balans на бесплатный номер 3050.

Upon successful subscription you will receive a reply SMS to notify you accordingly.

Maximum duration – 30 seconds each Talking SMS.

The service has two (2) options: "15 Talking SMS" Package, "15 Talking SMS" Package.

Validity of purchased-but-unused package – unlimited.

Subscribers account will be debited with the package price upon service activation.

The service is not available in roaming.

"15 Talking SMS" Package - 100 KZT VAT inclusive.

"15 Talking SMS" Package - 100 KZT VAT inclusive.