Voice mail

If somebody calls you and you cannot answer, now, using the service “Voice Mail"" you will never miss a call. Forward calls to the number of the voice mail (2000). Anyone who calls you will be able to leave a message after the greeting and audio signal. A short message will inform you on receipt of a voice message.


To set the Voice Mail, forward the calls to number 2000 by dialing necessary combinations:

To forward all incoming calls dial **21*2000#

To forward calls when there is no answer dial **61*2000#

To forward calls when the phone is switched off or is out of the coverage area **62*2000#

To cancel all types of call forwarding dial: ##002#

Mailbox guide - a call to number 2000.

Main Menu. If there is at least one message:

1 – Go to New messages; 3 – Go to Personal settings; * - Getting more information.

Personal settings menu:

1 - Select language; 2 - Set notifications; 3 - Set greetings; 4 - Manage your password; * - Go back to Main menu.

If the number of a Kcell or Activ subscriber is forwarded to a Voice mail, a voice message can be left after the greeting and an audio signal.

The maximum length of an incoming voice message is 120 seconds.

Your mailbox can hold up to 20 voice messages.

Call forwarding to number 2000 – 0 tenge.

Listening to messages (a call to 2000) – 0 tenge.

Recording the message - you will be charged to leave a voice message as per your price plan starting from the moment you are connected to this answering machine.

Recording of own Voicemail greetings is temporarily unavailable.