Waiting mode

Inform you we have an answering device for the Call waiting, second line service. With call waiting service, subscribers while being on another call will hear beep tones during 10 seconds to let them know that another call is coming in, see callers name and phone number and either answer the call or reject it.


A caller who has just dialed the number will not hear those ordinary beep tones but the answering machine message: "The number you call is busy. Please, wait or try again later". The answering machine is set to hear messages first in Kazakh then in Russian and English, which then are repeated in the same order.

This new feature will not only allow notifying a called party about another call that is coming in but inform the caller that he/she is on the second line.

  • A subscriber can take the call that is coming in without disconnecting the previous one by pressing on 2.
  • To go back to the previous call that was put on hold, press again on 2.
  • In order to terminate a call, press Cancel or 1.
  • If the subscriber is not willing to take the incoming call, he/she should press on 0 and the caller will hear a busy tone.
  • To disable Call waiting, dial #43#.
  • To enable Call waiting again, dial *43#.

The Call waiting service is provided free of any charge to Kcell/activ subscribers and is available on all tariff plans.
An outgoing connection is charged according to the callers tariff plan based on the connection duration.