activ subscribers* with zero minutes and data balance will be automatically redirected to the automatic system when trying to access any http-resource through their browser.

Subscribers can also access the Landing Page directly if they enter in the web browser address bar on their tablets, routers, smartphones and mobile phones connected to the Internet.

The free Landing Page service allows subscribers to:

  • get information on their account balance (subject to ID verification by phone number);
  • top up account using Online Payment or Auto Top Up** service;
  • be granted a grace period for the payment of mobile charges or request Extra Balance**
  • send balance transfer request using Mobile Help service**
  • activate instant top up cards***

* Service is available to activ subscribers, subject to ID verification by phone number and connection to the Internet. Service is not available to the subscribers of other mobile networks. Prior to using the Landing Page, subscribers should read the terms of use using this link. By using the service Subscribers agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

** Service is provided in accordance with its standard terms and applicable rates.

*** activ instant top-up cards only.