Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 A1952 Classic edition Black,

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First and foremost a watchThe capabilities of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 are amazing, but …

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First and foremost a watch

The capabilities of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 are amazing, but it is first and foremost a watch. And it performs its primary function perfectly. Its uninterrupted operation, long life and guaranteed quality of mechanisms allow you to tell the time with confidence. When the battery is low, it can always be switched back to its basic mode, in which the display shows only the time.

Determination of blood oxygen level SpO2

One of the most important health indicators can now be measured in just half a minute. Find out how oxygenated your blood is after prolonged exercise or mental work. Detecting a problem in time can help you avoid complications and maintain good health.

High accuracy


The BioTracker 2 PPG's advanced BioTracker 2 sensor has improved the accuracy of heart rate, sleep duration and quality, stress levels and other important metrics. The PAI score system automatically calculates sophisticated algorithms and provides a personalised assessment of the wearer's health in easy-to-understand numerical terms.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 smartwatch relentlessly monitors your heart rate. It alerts you when your heart rate increases and suggests that you take a break from work or exercise.

Early warning of potential cardiovascular problems allows you to take better care of your health, prevent heart attacks and significantly increase the length and quality of your life.

Sleep quality analysis

A good night's sleep has a huge impact on the overall health of the human body. With the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 smart watch, you will know everything about its quality! It measures depth, duration and records all the necessary information for further analysis.

12 sports modes

The Amazfit GTR2 smartwatch supports 12 professional sports modes. And the new models have learned to recognise them automatically! Start exercising and the watch will record your results.

Outdoor running

Running in the gym



Exercise bike

Swimming in a pool

Swimming in a body of water

Elliptical Trainer

Rock climbing

Sky running


Track and field athletics

GPS and GLONASS positioning sensors are also built into the watch. The device records movement and health parameters for further performance evaluation.

The 5 ATM water resistance means you can take a shower and enjoy water sports down to 50 metres without fear of damaging the watch.

Powerful 471mAh battery

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2 smartwatch is fully optimised. The power system provides :

10 hours of continuous Bluetooth + calls

48 hours of continuous GPS

14 days in active mode

38 days of watch operation with smart features disabled

And if you do run out of power, you can quickly restore it using the supplied charger or the reverse charge feature on your smartphone.

Music playback

This is a long-awaited innovation. Until now, it has been an exclusive feature of premium smartwatches. And not even all the top models could boast it.

And now users can finally enjoy it on their favourite Amazfit devices! Now you can listen to your favourite songs directly from your smartwatch. The devices have built-in memory and speakers. So you can keep your eyes on your smartphone and enjoy your tracks while you work out.

Communicate without your phone

Bluetooth function

Answer calls with your watch. No need to interrupt your workout and take your phone out of your pocket or bag. Talk right from your wrist.

Show your style

What's more, you can always upload your own photos as wallpapers. Give your favourite device the ultimate personality.

Advanced design

A work of art on your wrist

The case is made from stainless steel. It is as comfortable as possible to wear every day and feels almost invisible on your wrist.

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR2's large 1.39-inch AMOLED screen is high-resolution and covered with 3D glass. The bezel-less display not only adds more charm to the device, but also expands the workspace, making interaction with the smartwatch more comfortable for the user.





Matrix type



454 x 454





Емкость аккумулятора – 471 мАч; Время автономной работы смарт-часов – 14 дней; Время работы в режиме ожидания – 38 дней.

General characteristics


4.6 х 4.6 х 1 см


0.039 кг - без ремешка



Android 5.0 или iOS 10.0 и выше


Акселерометр, Барометр, Гироскоп, Датчик освещенности, Магнитометр, Биотрекинг, Датчики навигации: GPS, ГЛОНАСС.

Характеристики смарт-часов

Case material

Нержавеющая сталь, 2 кнопки

Защита и безопасность

Влагозащита, Пылезащита, Защищенное стекло


Сенсорный, 3D curved glass, закаленное стекло покрытие против отпечатков пальцев ODLC покрытие

Беспроводные интерфейсы

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0

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