Trade-in: get a new phone on favorable terms

What is Trade-in?

Trade-in is a cost-effective and sustainable way to buy new devices.

  1. 1

    Visit one of our stores

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    Have your old device appraised to find out its trade-in value

  3. 3

    Use the received amount to buy a new device

We accept the following devices



Apple Watch



Familiarize yourself with the rules

Please read this important information

To participate in the Trade-in program:

1. Bring your old Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBoo device, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei or Honor smartphone to our office (see the list of offices below) so that we can diagnose and appraise it.

2. After diagnostics, your device will be evaluated and its trade-in value calculated;

3. Choose a new device available through the Contract Phone service, suitable contract terms and go through the approval procedure;

4. Sign the agreement for sale of an old device and get your trade-in certificate;

5. Upon successful completion of the approval procedure, use your certificate to purchase your desired device under the Contract Phone promotion.

If you are interested, visit a Kcell/activ store in your area. Our experts will help you!

To get a Trade-in certificate:

• Bring your identity document with IIN (identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.).

• Bring your old Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBoo, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei or Honor device that you own to a Kcell/activ store.

• Trade-In Certificate can be used to purchase a new device available through the Contract Phone service.

• You can participate in the Trade-In program only after you have successfully passed through the approval procedure for the Contract Phone service.

• Trade-In Certificate primarily covers the maximum prepayment amount. If the amount of the certificate exceeds the maximum prepayment amount, the remaining amount, less the prepayment, can cover the monthly payment in full or in part (subject to the buyer’s replenishment of insufficient amount).

• Only one Trade-In Certificate is issued per one used device.

• One Trade-In Certificate allows purchasing only one new device.

• Trade-In Certificates are not summable.

• Trade-In Certificate is a certificate issued in somebody's name, i.e. it will belong only to you. Trade-In Certificate cannot be transferred to third parties.

• The amount of the certificate is used as a lump sum and in full.

• Trade-In Certificate is not subject to exchange, refund or monetary compensation.

• The used Apple iPhone device or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone must be in working order and unlocked, all accounts and passwords must be deleted. Take care of transferring your data to your computer or cloud storage in advance. All device data will be erased during transfer, and the device will be restored to its factory settings.

• Availability of the factory box and the charger with a cable (USB) increase the amount of the certificate. But it is not mandatory.

• The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of signing the Trade-In purchase and sale agreement. After the expiration of the Certificate, it cannot be used to pay for goods any longer.

• Trade-In Certificate received in Kcell/activ store can only be used in Kcell/activ stores that participate in the Trade-In program.


Almaty, Samal-2, 100, Kcell / activ store

Almaty, Samal-2, 111, Dostyk Plaza (except Apple products)

Almaty, 51 Alimzhanov str., Kcell / activ store

Almaty, 58 Gogol str., Kcell / activ store

Almaty, 263 Rozybakiev str., MEGA-2, 1 floor, Kcell / activ store

Almaty, 18 Rihard Zorge str., MART MALL, 1 floor, Kcell / activ store

Almaty, 2G Tymiryazev str., Kcell / activ store

Almaty, new building of Aport Mall, main entrance, Kcell / activ store

Nur-Sultan, 8 Prospekt Respubliki str., Kcell / activ store

Nur-Sultan, 1 Almaty str., ASSYLTAU Business Center, Kcell / activ store

Nur-Sultan, 1 Kurgalzhinskoe Shosse, KeruenSity Mall, 1 floor, Kcell / activ store

Nur-Sultan, 37 Prospekt Turan, Khan Shatyr Mall, 1 floor, boutique 169, Kcell / activ store

Kcell/activ store, Aruzhan Mall, 8/1 Zhansugyruly Str., Nur-

Aktau, mkr 11a - 7, ATRIUM Business Center, Kcell / activ store

Aktobe, 55 А Abulkhair Khan ave., Kcell / activ store

Aktobe, 4 Mametova str., KeruenCity Mall, Kcell / activ store

Shymkent, Al-Farabi 3/1, SEC "Shymkent Plaza" (except Apple products)

Shymkent, 11 Turkestanskaya str., Kcell / activ store

Shymkent, 13 Taukehan str., Mega Planet Mall, 1 floor, Kcell / activ store

Atyrau, 13B Kurmangazy str., Kcell / activ store

Atyrau, 4 Guryevskaya atr., Kcell / activ store

Karaganda, 18 Nazarbayev str., Kcell / activ store

Karaganda, CityMall, 1 floor, Kcell / activ store

Kokshetau, 91 Akan Sery str., Kcell / activ store

Kostanay, 122 Altynsarin str., Kcell / activ store

Kyzylorda, 21 Korkyt Ata str., Kcell / activ store

Oskemen, 42 Ordzhonikidze str., Kcell / activ store

Semey, 58A Kabanbai Butyr str., Kcell / activ store

Pavlodar, 77 Krivenko str., Kcell / activ store

Petropavlovsk, 168 Auezov str., Kcell / activ store

Taraz, 7A Nitakaliyev str., Kcell / activ store

Uralsk, 71 Prospekt Abay, Kcell / activ store

Taldykorgan, 135/141 Shevchenko str., Kcell / activ store

Turkestan, B. Sattarkhanov avenue, building 14 of the business center "Karavan Saray", Kcell / activ store

Turkestan, 243 Tauke Khan str., Keruen Saray Mall, 2 floor, Kcell / activ store

Zhanaozen, mkr. Orken, bldg. 1, Zhanaozen Mall Center, boutique 1

Cost calculator

Use the Trade-In calculator to find out the preliminary benefit amount when exchanging your device

evaluate the device

Here may be the answer to your question:

I am not a Kcell/activ subscriber. Can I participate in the program?

Yes, all individuals aged 21 to 68 can participate.

What documents are required to register goods under the Trade-In program?

You should submit a document indicating the IIN. 

How is the evaluation carried out?

To determine the amount of the certificate, the handed over device is graded, its external and technical condition as well as its average cost on the market are taken into account. More details can be obtained from consultants in the store.

If the amount of the certificate exceeds the maximum prepayment amount for the contract, will the difference be refunded to me?

No. The remaining amount will be credited to the first monthly payment for the Contract Phone service. If the amount of the certificate exceeds the total amount of prepayment and monthly payment, the balance will be credited to the phone number balance to which the Contract Phone service will be connected.

What are the requirements for the handed over device?

The device must be owned by the customer and should not be in dispute, under distrainment, in pledge, etc. When you hand over the device, you should unlock it, erase your data and linked accounts, and then reset to factory settings. Our consultants will help.

What affects the estimated cost of the handed over device?

Device model, its external condition, technical (internal) condition, availability of factory package and complete accessories (charger and USB cable).

Do I need to have a box, phone accessories with me?

No. However, the presence/absence of the kit will affect the estimated cost.

How long does it take to evaluate?

It takes up to 10 minutes. The evaluation time depends on the condition of the device being handed over.

Do I have to pay for evaluation of the device within the Trade-In service?

The device is evaluated free of charge.

Can I trade in phones from other brands - Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc.?

Yes, you can. Apple smartphones are accepted for trade-in: iPhone 6 and above (SE model - 2nd generation only), iPad 5th generation and above, iPad mini 2nd generation and above, iPad Air, iPad Pro, AirPods, Apple Watch, MacBook 2013 and later. The list of eligible Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei, Honor devices can be found in the trade-in calculator.

How many devices can I hand over?

You can hand over one device only. One handed over device = One certificate = one purchase.

How many certificates can I use when buying a new smartphone?

When buying a new smartphone, you can use only one certificate.

Can I get 1 certificate instead of several handed over devices?

No. You get one certificate for one handed over device.

Who can use the certificate? Can I make a present of the certificate?

The certificate is issued in somebody's name. Only the person who handed over the device and received the certificate can use it.

What devices can I buy using the certificate?

The certificate can be used to buy any gadget available as part of the Contract Phone promotion.

Can I get money for the certificate?

No. The certificate cannot be cashed.

Can I pay 100% of the purchase price with the certificate?

No. The certificate can be used only for the purchase of the device under the Contract Phone promotion, the purchase for the full price with the certificate is not provided for.

Can the certificate be used only in Kcell/activ stores?

Yes. The certificate will not be valid in other stores selling the Apple and Samsung devices. The certificate can be used only in those Kcell/activ stores where the Trade-In service is available.

Can the certificate be used to purchase the device at full price?

No. The certificate can be used only to purchase a device under the Contract Phone promotion.

How will the certificate be used to purchase the device under the contract?

First of all, the amount of the certificate will be used as a prepayment (the maximum possible one, based on the amount of the certificate and the cost of the desired device), this will reduce the total value of the contract, and as a result, the amount of the monthly payment will also be reduced. If the amount of the certificate is less than the amount of the minimum prepayment, then it will be used to cover the first monthly payment for the selected device under the Contract Phone service.

Ваш тайтл

Ваше краткое описание…На данной странице нашего сайта вы можете купить смартфоны по низкой цене от лучших производителей...

Читать далее

Производительность, автономность и комфорт использования – это главные характеристики, на которые обращают внимание при покупке смартфонов в 2024 году. На некоторых моделях можно запускать тяжелые приложения, использовать в рабочих целях и даже полностью заменить ПК, другие предназначены для звонков, использования интернета, развлечений. Перед тем, как купить смартфон важно разобраться с предложениями производителей, чтобы сделать правильный выбор.

Сложно ошибиться, если покупать в магазине Kcell – Kcell/activ Store в Алматы или с доставкой по Казахстану. В ассортименте представлены модели от лучших мировых производителей:

  • Apple;
  • Samsung;
  • Oppo;
  • Xiaomi;
  • Realmi;
  • Vivo;
  • Xuawei.

Есть и предложения от менее известных фирм, которые не уступают по качеству, но при этом стоят дешевле. Консультанты помогут определиться с выбором в зависимости от ваших потребностей и бюджета.

Важные критерии при выборе смартфона

Купить телефон, который будет полностью отвечать вашим потребностям, помогут следующие критерии:

  • диагональ и разрешение экрана;
  • емкость аккумулятора и время автономности;
  • процессор;
  • оперативная и внутренняя память, возможность расширения памяти при помощи съемного micro-SD накопителя;
  • камера, качество съемки в разных режимах.

Сделать выбор будет легче, если перед покупкой проанализировать цели использования телефона, будут ли на нем запускаться тяжелые приложения, игры или он нужен в первую очередь для общения и поиска в интернете. После этого станет понятно, какая модель вам подходит.

Лучшие модели телефонов 2024 года

Лучший смартфон 2024 для каждого покупателя будет свой, так как у всех разные требования к гаджетам, но если принимать во внимание соотношение цены и качества, то можно выбелить ТОП-5 моделей в разных ценовых категориях:

  • Apple IPhone 15 Pro и Pro Max – эта модель бьет рекорды продаж с момента их официального старта в Казахстане, она подходит для сложных профессиональных задач, может выдержать любые нагрузки. На новых Iphone теперь есть порт для зарядки USB tab-c, их можно заряжать даже шнуром от Macbook, планшета или телефона на базе Android. Это, помимо прочих характеристик, присущих флагманским моделям, сыграло свою роль в таком большом спросе на смартфоны этой линейки.
  • Apple IPhone 15 – этот телефон покупают люди, которые ценят надежность, безопасность, предпочитают операционную систему iOS, но не имеют потребности переплачивать за премиальную линейку.
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 – его можно назвать самым достойным конкурентом техники Apple среди моделей, работающих на базе Anroid. Смартфон отличается строгими линиями и острыми кутами, комплектуется стилусом для комфортного использования в рабочих и учебных целях, а также выделяется повышенной производительностью и автономностью.
  • Oppo A96 – смартфон значительно дешевле первых двух вариантов, но способен обеспечить комфортное использование покупателям, которые ищут надежный гаджет на каждый день. Он имеет яркий экран, мощный процессор, легко справляется с заданиями, связанными с поиском в интернете, просмотром соцсетей, общением и несложными рабочими задачами.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 12 Pro - эта модель отличается автономностью, качественной картинкой, производительностью, подходит для использования в повседневной жизни и в рабочих целях, стильно выглядит, имеет высокий уровень защиты от вирусов.

Каждая из этих моделей надежна, функциональна и способна удовлетворить каждого пользователя. Выбрать вариант из списка можно, проанализировав характеристики и цены.


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